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2-Apr-2014 A long day driving

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I got up at 4.45am to drive Dawn to Sutherland to catch the train to work as Jazmin was using hers to go Uni and for soccer practise in the evening. I got back at home at 6am and helped get Kody ready and top up Jazmin’s phone plan. Jaz left at 6.15am.

I left with Kody at 6.35 to pick up Ella & Beni at the Maianbar turnoff then picked up Caitlin at Caringbah then droped them all off at school for dancing practise at 7.30am. Actually we were 5mins early so it was excellent timing given the traffic! I had a coffee in Cronulla overlooking the beach. The water was 22.8c which was awesome but I didn’t really have enough time for a swim. I bought petrol then drove to Sutherland for the train and was at my desk in the city at 9.15am.

Afterwards, I was late leaving work and got to Sutherland approx 7.45pm. I bought some bananas as we were out and they are a key part of our family’s diet. I phoned Dawn who was on a train that got to Sutherland at 8.45pm.

Not really time to go home and back so I thought I might get a coffee in Gymea which is just 5 mins away but I ended up just sitting in the car for 30mins or so just learning and configuring my new tablet. Home at 9.20pm.

A long day ending with a good long soak in a hot bath!

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