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29-Mar-2014 Saturday

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Kody’s first soccer game of the season was cancelled which she was incredibly disappointed about as she had been looking forward to it for a while. That meant I didn’t have to get up early so I took dawn to Martin’s near Ryde as she was getting her leg or back clicked back in –  obviously I wasn’t paying attention to what she said as I can’t remember exactly which body part was being clicked or clacked! I still had to get up early for that though – about 6am or so as it’s quite a long drive.

Afterwards we went to the farmers market at Ramsgate. It’s really good there – a lot of top quality veges and things that you can’t get at the supermarket although it’s not any cheaper. Excellent for a change though and I like the whole made-by-hand ethic. We bought the best homos ever [link]!

Back at home I made a big batch of pesto with just basil (that we had just bought), pine nuts and olive oil – everyone in the family eats that. Then I did some reading.

As my calf is still not good enough to run on, I went for a brisk walk to Jibbon beach and back including a swim there. I decided that my calf is almost better but I could still feel it a bit. Unfortunately not good enough to run on yet.

In the evening we had a fire in our relatively new fire pit (bought last winter) and a BBQ. That is always good when the family gets together.

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