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12-Jan-2014 Bondi Roughwater Swim

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I drove to Bondi to swim the 2km Roughwater swim which goes from North Bondi to South then back again in like a big square. I love Bondi and always have since I first went there all the way back in 1974.

Unfortunately although the conditions were great, we swam through a patch of bluebottles which stung many people causing lots of evacuations. I got lots of stings but struggled to the finish but didn’t feel well at all and had to seek medical help. I felt like I wanted to sit down, then lay down, then stand and just couldn’t get comfy. I was breathing heavily and the medics were worried I would hyperventilate etc. Some people were taken to hospital. My notes were a Pulse of 90 and a blood pressure of 150/90 which dropped to 130/80 after I had some oxygen via a mask. After the oxygen I stabilised and got a lot better, although it took about 30mins or so.

I took my time having a coffee and bite to eat (recommended by paramedics). I eventually got home but retired to the hammock on the back deck then went to bed early.

I came in 506th from 674 – ie 75% down the field in a time of 39min 02secs (fastest was 23.00, the slowest 1.02.48)

bondiroughwater sign

bondi roughwater beach

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