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12-Dec-2013 University thoughts

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Today I worked from home in the morning. Before that I went for a short run to Jibbon beach and had a swim – as usual great weather and the water was great. Unfortunately on they way back home on a slight downhill just past the RSL I had a twinge and felt either a cramp or a pulled muscle on the back of my right calf. I walked back home as it was quite painful and did not want to run and make it worse.

Working at home is ok – although I usually prefer going into the office, but it’s great to have the flexibility to work at home. I don’t even have to bring my laptop home can just remotely connect to my office laptop and have the desktop in front of me as though I was sitting in the office with it in front of me.

I worked pretty much flat out until 3pm as I was going to Wollongong Uni with Jazmin for some event there, more like a social welcoming event than anything else. I quite like Wollongong Uni campus in fact the whole feel of it. They were making a big deal about Facebook going fishing for staff from the Uni. Otherwise my only nervousness was about how they relished the parents of students-to-be. Back when I was a student I would have been horrified or at least surprised to take my parents to a Uni function. But here they actually had a student’s briefing and a parent’s specific briefing.

Otherwise it just made me remember my own Uni days from all those years ago, the course changes and other activities – running, teaching overseas kids, cooking, washing clothes etc. All good in a rosy-coloured glow now!

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