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10-Dec-2013 You are a Soul

Tuesday 10 December 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

youareasoul This image came from a post on the Happy Clean Vegan Tumblr website. Obviously I like it (otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it). It’s a core belief from many of the Eastern religions (Hindus of various types, if there is a such a religion as Hinduism), Jains, Buddhists etc (of course they all have common roots…)

It brings up thoughts of re-incarnation of which I used to be quite skeptical but now I am not so sure. As an example, it’s well known that humans have poor hearing they can’t hear dog whistles and other low and high frequency sounds. They have poor eyesight even compared to other animals, poor taste etc. There is so much humans cannot experience ie we miss a lot of what is actually happening on our planet. So it’s reasonable to assume that because we miss so much that many things happen that we can’t see, can’t explain. Maybe like re-incarnation ? who knows ?

I am a great believer in looking after my diet, my health etc but if the body is just a container then there is little point spending 100% on the outside of the container (getting all healthy etc) and neglecting the inside, the mind, the spirit etc. I think I want to spend more time contemplating life and our position in the universe rather than just rush rush rushing everywhere.


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