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15-Nov-2013 Friday Quiet Night In

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I had to leave work early today, like most Fridays, so I could see Kody’s six a side soccer at Caringbah. We came home just as it started raining, developing into full on thunder & lightening. I had a hot & relaxing bath with a Lush bath ball. It felt very luxurious then I made dinner for about 4 kids, mainly using Jazmin’s home made raw vegan pesto (she is getting pretty good now … good training of course!)

I took a photo of my dinner – asparagus and broccolini with a little potato lightly sautéed with a dry Indian spice/masala with a few “activated” cashews and some banana chili. Lovely. Although the photo is really crap – I could have spent approx 15secs and checked the photo before I ate the food.

Whilst I had my camera out I took a photo of the cork board hanging just over my desk – click it for a larger photo:

Earlier in the week I bookmarked a heap of Hulu videos – mainly documentaries – all free. You can see the list here and access Hulu here. Yes I think that old skool TV is going to become less important as new access methods hit the mainstream. Of course TV won’t go away entirely but will not be the pre-dominant cultural force it has been since the 1960s, that’s for sure.

Our family are also BIG users of spotify – why not ? It’s both free and legal and is like being let loose in a big record store to play any record you like. so cool.

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