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14-Nov-2013 Thursday Blahs

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Well I had 2 days off sick and made it in today. I was just about better although I had a few nervous looks when I started coughing. I tried to keep it strictly 9-5 and then came home, no gym, no yoga, no running, no swimming etc as wanted to recover properly. I have done no exercise since a small swim on Saturday and a small walk on Tues – shows how unwell I was.

I saw an interesting article in the paper : Michael McIntyre: the biggest comedy star you’ve never heard of – I had seen his shows late at night on TV. Great English comedian.

There was also this article and video – I think I appreciate it as our youngest is now 12 and whilst it was good fun when they were younger, it’s good that everything is easier now as they are older (more difficult in other ways of course ..):

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