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12-Nov-2013 Off work

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Today I didn’t go to work as I was sick. I left work, or rather asked to leave work yesterday lunchtime as I was coughing and spluttering everywhere, so I cam home early and did a bit of work at home. I think it wasn’t so much them being worried about my health but not passing it round the office and see a general decline in output. Gotta keep an eye on the bottom line!

This morning I got up on time for work, but was probably worse than yesterday and to make it worse had a big headache so sent some txt to say I wasn’t going in and jumped back in to bed. I got up about lunchtime but didn’t do much as I was very lethargic. Had a few lemsips.

I did a bit of reading and in the late afternoon went for a walk along 3 of Bundeena’s 4 beaches – Hordern’s, Gunya & Jibbon. That was good but was very slow and just wandering along. It was good to get some clean air though.

One of things I like reading are other people’s blogs – you get raw info and it’s usually fairly short and snappy so you can follow lots of people. One of the best is Seth Godin that I have been following for years now. I read this today and it really struck me as important, and thankfully, I don’t live my life that way !

Thanks to technology, (relative) peace and historic levels of prosperity, we’ve turned our culture into a crystal palace, a gleaming edifice that needs to be perfected and polished more than it is appreciated.

We waste our days whining over slight imperfections (the nuts in first class aren’t warm, the subway isn’t cool enough, the vaccine leaves a bump on our arm for two hours) instead of seeing the modern miracles all around us. That last thing that went horribly wrong, that ruined everything, that led to a spat or tears or reciminations–if you put it on a t-shirt and wore it in public, how would it feel? “My iPhone died in the middle of the 8th inning because my wife didn’t charge it and I couldn’t take a picture of the home run from our box seats!”

Worse, we’re losing our ability to engage with situations that might not have outcomes shiny enough or risk-free enough to belong in the palace. By insulating ourselves from perceived risk, from people and places that might not like us, appreciate us or guarantee us a smooth ride, we spend our day in a prison we’ve built for ourself.

Shiny, but hardly nurturing.

So, we ban things from airplanes not because they are dangerous, but because they frighten us. We avoid writing, or sales calls, or inventing or performing or engaging not because we can’t do it, but because it might not work. We don’t interact with strange ideas, new cuisines or people who share different values because those interactions might make us uncomfortable…

Funny looking tomatoes, people who don’t look like us, interactions where we might not get a yes…

Growth is messy and dangerous. Life is messy and dangerous. When we insist on a guarantee, an ever-increasing standard in everything we measure and a Hollywood ending, we get none of those.

Went to bed early whilst Dawn was at yoga.

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