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10-Nov-2013 Sunday

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Today was a family sort of day. Kody was doing Nippers in Bundeena with the Garie beach mob. I think so many water activities are cancelled at Garie due to the huge and dangerous waves that they organised a day at Bundeena which in comparison is always reliably flat. Today of course was no different except it was pouring with rain and was about 15C (about 20C cooler than it was yesterday !)

I stood in the rain, although under shelter and probably that’s what kicked off my cold. However she did a swim, board race and got towed by a jetski so she had some fun.

Later in the afternoon both me and Dawn went out for the Responsible Runners Litter pick up and again got a huge amount of litter or just an hour’s walk along the spit at Bonnie Vale. It was raining for much of the time also so we assumed there would be less rubbish but it wasn’t really the case.

We got home about 6.30 and got ready quickly and went out for dinner,mainly to celebrate Jazmin finishing her HSC exams. A weight off her shoulders. I had pick a place on Broadway – Hari’s Vegetarian. It was quite a cheap place and empty when we arrived which a bit disconcerting, but filled up quickly and became quite busy (I felt sorry for the one guy serving and one guy cooking!)

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