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21-Oct-2013 Poor little rich slum book

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poor little rich slum book  coverI bought this book in Kolkata when I was there earlier this year just a few days after I’d done a tour of the Dharavi slum in Mumbai.

I read this week in just a few days as it was short quick book. It was a good read mainly about the slum via snippets of interviews with people who live and work there. Obviously if you have been there you have a better understanding of the whole situation, the fact it’s been there so long it has some semi-official recognition and how they are trying to re-locate people out but it’s got this great community spirit so people prefer staying there. It’s poor for sure with few facilities but it’s a very vibrant plane, and feels very communal. If you are ever in Mumbai then it is so well worth going on a tour there. An awesome experience indeed.

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