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4-Oct-2013 Sporting Benchmarks For “Good Enough”

Friday 4 October 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I ran and swam this morning and then after work I went to the gym. So needless to say I was totally pooped by the time I got home. I had been up from 0630 and it was 9pm by the time I got home.

On the train back my mind was running through :

Running – a “good enough” benchmark to aim at would be a marathon (check) or even a sub-3hr marathon (check).

Swimming – no idea of a “good enough” benchmark would be an ocean swim like Bondi to Bronte (check) or round Wedding-Cake Island at Coogee (check). or be able to join a Surflifesaving outfit (check).

Yoga – for sure being able to complete teacher training and teach at least one class. I am still heading that way (might take me a while though .. .ha ha).

Kayaking or Stand-up Paddling – probably be able to enter some of the hard core surfing competitions in all the big surf waves. mmmm am still learning this one. Not sure I will ever make it.

But going to the gym is a hard one – maybe enter one of the Crossfit regional championships?

I am not saying I am a type-A and have to be better than anyone else,  but you always want to know where you are in relation to others. If I come bottom I wouldn’t particularly care.

However at our gym, I know what benchmark I will be using and will not stop until I can achieve it. There is a monkey bar setup at least 10-15m long incredibly high. I would love to be able to complete that. Feeling pleased with myself this evening I had a go, but couldn’t even jump up high enough to hang on to the first bar, just got my finger tips around it. I have a looonng way to go!  If I manage that then I will be well happy.

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