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1-Oct-2013 University

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Jazmin had an early interview today at Wollongong University – for kids in the local area with good school reports and some are offered a place that is not dependent on HSC results. I have no idea how many spots are available or what her chances are, but even if she doesn’t get a spot,  it’s all good experience. She is looking at doing Digital Media or Graphical Design.

She had been on a tour of the campus before but I have never been there. I was actually really impressed with the campus and do you know what my over-riding thought was ? God I wish it was me about to head off to Uni. Yes, I would love to go round the whole loop again. It’s not that I regret anything after the first time round,  its just I don’t want this ride to end!

My other thought was – should I really take her ? Can’t she go by herself ?  I mean if she gets a place she will go by herself every day so why not go solo to the interview ? Am I contributing to kids nor being able to do things for themselves ? The term these days is “helicopter parenting“. I suppose I needn’t have over-thought it as it looked like every other kid had come with a parent also.

When I was that age we could apply to 5 uni courses – I was looking to do a combined Mathematics and Geography BSc degree. I was living in West London and applied to Exeter, Newcastle,  Southampton,  St Andrews (Scotland) and Queen Mary College (London). I went to interviews at them all BY MYSELF which was quite a big deal without a car. The London one was a bit of waste as I knew I didn’t want to stay in London. If I was re-choosing today I would go to Exeter or Scotland as I like the idea of pushing the boat out and they’d both be really cool places. Ultimately I went to Southampton which was a safe option. The good news is that it made it a lot easier getting together with my girlfriend of the time (Dawn) who was doing nursing in nearby Dorset.

Because I took the day off work I was able to run to Jibbon Beach and swim there first thing in the morning. It was just really beautiful – a very sunny and warm day. Then I did all the chores, cleaning up, washing etc as Dawn was working and out of the house from 5am to 9pm (a very long day in anyone’s book).  After we got back from Wollongong I ticked off a few items from my to do list then went to yoga. So it was a successful day all round. I even made dinner for Dawn and Chelsea – cannelloni stuffed with spinach, tofu and pine nuts. Mmmm.

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