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23-Sept-2013 Litter Free & Responsible Runners

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Back in 2008 I started a website keepbundeenalitterfree.com  [domain name expired today, but the content is still available here] with the aim of starting some kind of litter pick up service. I didn’t really do much with it, other than my own litter pickups along the beaches here in paradise. This is why I let the name expire (it only cost $10 a year).


There is a new group that has come along in Sydney, based out of Bondi, Responsible Runners [website here] who are doing a great job. I am talking to them about starting an offshoot in the Royal National Park (they are starting in Cronulla soon).

Over 40+ cleanups since September 2012, Responsible Runners have picked up over 3.5 tonnes of rubbish, including over 35,000 cigarette butts, 6,800 recyclable drink containers7,700 straws5,500 bottle caps, and much more. This, however, is only the beginning. We must all work together by saying NO to disposable plastic bags, bottles, and packaging and YES to reusable. Only be effecting positive behavioural change in ourselves and others will be truly begin addressing the problem of plastic pollution in our ocean.

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