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12-Sept-2013 Lifesaving at Cronulla

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One of the good things with having a week off work is you do get time to do stuff you can’t normally squeeze in.

This summer I have decided to do Surf Lifesaving patrols at Cronulla (South Cronulla if you want to avoid confusion with North Cronulla) instead of at Burning Palms. The main reason is that I felt Burning Palms was under utilising us, ie not enough people on the beach. Anyway Cronulla prefer you to go into their office which is open like 10am-2pm during the week. So I had a run of about an hour and then drove to Cronulla to sort out my membership. Their office has a to-die-for-view of the beach.

Today was totally gorgeous & sunny so I went for a swim round the buoy. The water was absolutely crystal clear, but still cold, with the brilliantly clean sand and sparkling sunny day it was just stunning. The fact it was a work-day and I was off work added that extra special touch! There were relatively small waves but you forget just how flat it is at Hordern’s my home beach, however coming back in to shore you still got a decent lift from them. Afterwards I had a coffee at Grind, actually two – a doppio and a soy piccolo. Then I drove to Ikea at Tempe to pick up some stuff for Dawn, then got home just in time to turn around and go out to yoga.

busy busy busy …..

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