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11-Sept-2013 Jervis Bay

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Both me and Dawn had the week off work this week, which is pretty rare for us both to have time off together outside of the summer holidays. As it happened I had won a few night at at glamping site near Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast – here. It was pretty expensive but we figured what the heck we aren’t paying. Drove down on the Tues late morning and cam back Weds afternoon. The weather was beautiful. Went for an hour run together and had a swim at a beach in Huskisson the main town there. In the evening they had a good loking vegetarian restaurant but it was closed so we had a mushroom risotto in another place there. The paperbark camp had a fancy restaurant that did vege food but we just can’t face fancy food. The shower and toilet were outdoors although pretty secluded. Inside there was a wooden floor and it was very fancy camping but only 12v power so effectively zero power, and we just used candles then went to be approx 9pm which in itself was a great novelty!

We had breakfast in the morning and had a walk then came back via the town of Berry where we stopped for a juice a lentil & mushroom pie and a quick look around the town as it seems years since we were last there. We were barely gone 24hrs but it was a cool little break!

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