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9-Sept-2013 Working off work

Monday 9 September 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have the week of work, mainly as Dawn is off also and she suggested I take the week off, so it will be a rare happening for us to be off together, not at Xmas and not during a school holiday. However I spent the whole of this morning finishing off some work stuff I just did not have time to do before the weekend. At least I can rest easy for the rest of the week that I left off at a fair point. I can deal with any crap when I go back.

It’s funny but there was an article in the paper today about people taking work home with them when they went on leave ! so funny. I like the idea of being able to work anywhere, anytime, but the hard thing is to decide whether you should or not. It’s all a bit of a trade-off – it’s good to have the flexibility and it absolutely is really handy, and I guess there is a cost that goes with that.

The good news is that after I did eventually finish I went running, swimming in the sea AND then yoga. I definitely slept well afterwards!

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