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1-Sept-2013 Two years In Calcutta Book

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I read this book – Two years in Calcutta by Amit Chaudhuri. It was a library book and a no-brainer ie no cost to buy the book and it was about Calcutta – a subject that I would read almost anything about.

I didn’t particularly like it at the start, it was fiction about a native Calcuttan who moved to the UK then went back and forth then finally moved back to Calcutta for a couple of years to look after elderly parents.

I wasn’t that sure what I wanted to get out of the book, but ultimately it was about Caclutta, the society and people there, not rich people just ordinary folk, so really it was what I was looking for. I actually quite enjoyed the book by the end, although it was quite dry and read like an old dusty library reference book.

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