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26-Aug-2013 Monday Bit-ser

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Before work it was the usual grind – get up, breakfast, sort kids, go to work.

After work, I went via Aldi in Engadine to get a new sim card for one of the kids, as Kogan had gone bust or more correctly Kogan’s upstream wholesaled ISPOne had gone bust and Kogan shut up shop.

Kogan = $25 a month (one a one yr plan) for unlimited calls, sms and 6Gb data per month.

Aldi=  $35 a month (one a one yr plan) for unlimited calls, sms and 5Gb data per month.

That’s progress in the lucky country !!

I figured Aldi was about the next best deal, let’s hope it doesn’t have more issues dealing with Telstra.

Then I met Dawn and we did some yoga. It was a packed room and I was squeezed in near the back. I had felt sore on my neck and arms and legs (what an old crock!) so definitely feel better now.

I read this on Fast Company, very good:

The one easy daily habit that makes life more awesome

Life happens whether we are mindful of it or not. So start a journal, remember the moments that you never want to forget, and improve, well, just about everything in the process.


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