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25-Aug-2013 Sunday

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I got up late – again – about 10.30am, I s’pose it means I am tired. All that exercise &  fresh air !

I did some chores & bought the paper, and made a fresh juice then went for a run – Jibbon, Eric St Track, Sandy Track, Jibbon then came back via Gunya beach and found Ko with her mates sitting under a tree having a picnic – what a great life for kids to grow up here – a sheer paradise. Then ran back to Hordern’s beach and had a swim. Quite a few fisherman which I found frustrating. Then had my breakfast smoothie and read the paper on the back deck and had a coffee.

By then it was 2.30pm and I preinted off some leaflets for the Coastal Classic resident’s letters that I was posting in Bundeena so walked off and did that., then went to Garie, Wattamolla and Bundeena to put out the last of the notices at the entrances to the park areas.

Back home to start making dinner – mexican tonight with freshly cooked from raw kidney beans, red sauce, homemade salsa, nachos and a rice pudding with dates, raisins, prunes & pistachios.

This photo is when I was walking on the beach coming back from delivering leaflets. It was over 20C and felt like summer, but it’s winter! Spring starts next Sunday:

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