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22-Aug-2013 Yoga

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After work I caught the train to Caringbah to meet Dawn for Bikram Yoga. We have been going since October 2009. Although the main classes are the “beginner’s” series it’s not really that easy. And although it’s the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises every single time it’s never boring. I guess some days some things are easy and some hard and then on other days it’s just different (like running in many ways). The classes are usually quite full 30 people+

Ultimately I don’t think I am that good, and struggle to really nail them, but I’ve been going long enough and often enough to know most of the bits to do, and make it look convincing. I usually stand near the front as often I get in just before the start and most people leave those spots free for the good people. so funny! But it means I get a clear view in the mirror so I can see where I am going wrong.

Dawn of course is waaay better than me, but she’s a natural at everything. It’s good to go together although we don’t usually go next to each other and I am sure it looks like we are not even a couple as we don’t chat much etc !!

I always knew I was very stiff after doing all those years of running and knew I should do some stretching but just never liked the idea of a “quick stretch”. I knew something like yoga would be more my thing, and of course I have a weakness for anything Indian ! I then cased out all the different types of yoga and decided that Bikram would be a good place to start as the heat quite intrigued me and most reviews said this was what all the fit people do.

We have done Bikram now in Caringbah, Darlinghurst, Byron Bay, Mt Maunganui (NZ) and all the teachers are of a similar standard. They often have their own little quirks but overall the standard is very consistent.

After yoga we often go to woolies and make the best use of our time. Often get home at gone 10.30pm and today was no exception. Watched Skins and went to bed no far off 1am.

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