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18-Aug-2013 Sunday

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Up late 10am. Missed swimming at Cronulla so was a little annoyed – my alarm went off but decided to lie in so it was bitter sweet. I twinged my hamstring when I was hanging out the washing as I bent down in a squatting position. Went running on Eric St track and sandy track – glorious warm & sunny like summer – approx 21C (although the house is still bitterly cold inside approx 12C without heater on, 18C with). Went for a post-run swim at Hordern’s. Cold water but very clear – I am getting used to the coldness so not a big issue now. Had breakfast and read the Sunday paper then went to Gymea organic shop & Miranda with Dawn as she wanted to buy some running shoes – first since 2004 when we first started using Loco shoes. The end of an era and the end of shoe supply! In evening we made dinner with the family – I think we all appreciate sitting around the table together just chatting. Then putting stuff in loft after Chelsea & Kody swapped bedrooms.

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