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19-Jul-2013 The Food Police

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I have been reading this book for the past few days – The Food Police by Jayson Lusk. Publisher article here. I didn’t like it much so skipped thru it – it’s a library book that looked interesting, so it’s no great loss.

I think the main reason I didn’t like it, was because he presented a very Black/White view of the world, when its really all so much more complicated. I don’t actually disagree with a lot of what he said, but I just found the tone very annoying.

A rollicking indictment of the liberal elite’s hypocrisy when it comes to food.

Ban trans-fats? Outlaw Happy Meals? Tax Twinkies? What’s next? Affirmative action for cows?
A catastrophe is looming. Farmers are raping the land and torturing animals. Food is riddled with deadly pesticides, hormones and foreign DNA. Corporate farms are wallowing in government subsidies. Meat packers and fast food restaurants are exploiting workers and tainting the food supply. And Paula Deen has diabetes!
Something must be done. So says an emerging elite in this country who think they know exactly what we should grow, cook and eat. They are the food police.
Taking on the commandments and condescension the likes of Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Mark Bittman, The Food Police casts long overdue skepticism on fascist food snobbery, debunking the myths propagated by the food elite.  You’ll learn:
–   Organic food is not necessarily healthier or tastier (and is certainly more expensive).
–   Genetically modified foods haven’t sickened a single person but they have made farmers more profitable  and they do hold the promise of feeding impoverished Africans.
–   Farm policies aren’t making us fat.
–   Voguish locavorism is not greener or better for the economy.
–   Fat taxes won’t slim our waists and “fixing” school lunch programs won’t make our kids any smarter.
–   Why the food police hypocritically believe an iPad is a technological marvel but food technology is an industrial evil

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