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14-Jul-2013 Sunday Sport

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I wasn’t really able to go to Jaz’s soccer in the morning as we couldn’t really all go out and leave all the dogs whilst Dawn was home in bed (after working night shift). Also Chelsea was working for Multisport Australia and I dropped her off at Sutherland station for the 6.40am train as she was working at the Sydney Harbour 10km. So it was perfect timing to go to Cronulla for the 0730 swim group.

The water was 17.2C – very cold – but quite clear. There were about 20 swimmers, and only about 3 of us not in wetsuits. I really enjoyed it. really really. Then I had a hot shower and a doppio at Grind, made on the special machine whilst chatting with the owner.

I then got home and had to go back out to pick up Chelsea as she was coming home from work. By the time we got home the dogs had been picked up. It didn’t really work out as Charley felt the other dogs were ganging up on him.

I THEN had about 15mins to get ready as I was going to see the footy (Rugby League) at the Olympic Stadium to see the Dogs versus the Storm. It was good to see work people in a different setting, although I did feel a bit embarrassed (again!) to be the only vegetarian there and have them make a fuss over the food.

I drove to Lidcombe and caught the shuttle train to Homebush, and reverse on the way home, arriving approx 7pm just in time for Sunday’s family dinner.

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