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7-Jul-2013 bebo (blog early blog often)

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There was an article this week about the guy that originally built and sold the bebo.com website for $850 million and then bought it back for $1 million. Lucky bugger !

I learnt that bebo stood for “blog early blog often“. I can’t tell you the number of times I have composed a blog in my mind but never written it down. I must try to practise blog early blog often myself more!

This weekend I saw all 3 kids;’ soccer games. Then Dawn went to work Saturday night and left me to coordinate a birthday party sleepover for 8 x 12 year olds and look after the 15 year old and 17 year old. Lucky me ….

The weather the past few weeks has been very cold, wet and dark. So much rain that the sea has been very dirty with run off soil etc. Although I went for a swim yesterday the first time for a couple of weeks. I won’t say it’s been depressing but I have only been inspired to run at the weekends. Getting up for work earlier and getting home later doesn’t help (yoga 2 nights a week then the films for change I have been seeing each week is another night out). Maybe that’s why I feel tired, rushed and uninspired.

I have been drinking a lot of this recently – 1cm concentrated apple juice (ingredients only apple) in a glass then half a squeezed lemon then boiling water. It’s sort of sweet & sour and hot – very nice. It seems you can only by the juice in Coles.


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