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5-Jul-2013 Guardian Reading Group

Friday 5 July 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Because I quite like the Bundeena Book Club, it struck me as weird that I had never thought of joining a book club before even though I really love reading. I thought I would look for like an online book club and then saw that the Guardian newspaper has a reading group.

You don’t actually need to sign up – you just look at the website for that month’s book, and then read it (or not) and add your own comments (or not).

June 2013 was D.H. Lawrence’s Sons & Lovers which I finished today (I had an e-copy of and read on my phone via the Kindle app for Android). I liked the book although it got quite a bad wrap on the book group comments. I liked the depiction of old English family life and the psychology of the key players.

July 2013 is To Kill A Mocking bird by Harper Lee which I have an e-copy of to read on my phone. I first read it at high school, and to be honest would not in a thousand years, pick it to resf again. I will start it next week or so. I guess that is why I like the idea of these working groups: to challenge myself to read stuff I would not nornally read.

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