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17-Jun-2013 Train Trips

Monday 17 June 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I travel on the train a lot. Mainly Sutherland to Town Hall, and to/from Kogarah a lot. Here are a couple of things worthy of attention, in my mind at least:

1) These days most people use laptops, tablets, smartphones and/or other devices to occupy themselves. However the vast majority are watching last night’s tv or playing solitaire or other mindless activities.  Do you really need a $600 ipad to do that instead of a $150 ipod touch ? It seems such a  waste. Even skimming work emails is a better use of time or dare I say it, get the Kindle app and read books. I was surprised that there are many “classic” books available at the Kindle Store for free. Amazing.

2) In the old days people used to read newspapers and we could pick up the SMH or Financial Review that was discarded for free. These days that free paper MX has totally killed the market, but its not even written by journalists – its just a bad cut and paste job from entertainment websites. Total trash and not worth reading. All in all a sad state of affairs.

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