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16-Jun-2013 The weekend

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Well the weekend seemed to pass in a bit of a blur. After the Friday night film I went to bed on Friday tired, but was up early as had to leave for Kody’s soccer at just gone 7am Sunday at Oyster Bay. She lost. Then we went to the Caringbah bookshop to buy a couple of books as she won a voucher over the summer that expires this month. Finally we went to Westfield Miranda as she wanted to buy a massive beanbag (with her own pocket money). I took her to Lindt for a treat (ok and to buy me a coffee…)

#coffee at #lindt in #westfield #miranda

We make it home to fill up the bean bag with beans before I had to take Chelsea to her game also at Oyster Bay.

New #beanbag with my daughter the bookworm!

Chelsea lost but she did score and she did play well herself.

In the evening I made the kids dinner and basically crashed on the sofa.

Sunday morning Jazmin drove herself to soccer, the first time she drove by herself. scary, but not really as we do trust her. She is keen to drive the car more possibly she thinks the car is hers. I would like her to gradually ease herself into the car-borrowing world, possibly even buy her own. That is the trial of having a teenager I guess.

I got up late instead of rushing to watch her play, and then did lots of chores and read the paper with breakfast and a coffee. Maybe I am getting old, but it seems like a good thing to do on a dismal chilly winter Sunday morning. In the afternoon I went running and swimming in the largish waves off Hordern’s beach. In the evening we all went out for dinner to the Heart & Sole Organic Cafe in Cronulla which we all agreed was excellent quality and well worth the effort. I crashed on the sofa when we got home. Yes I am tired !


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