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14-Jun-2013 Film for Change : I Am

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I went to another “meet up” group tonight – Films for Change had a film at Cronulla (details here). I am not really sure how I found them, probably recommended as lots of people at Think. Act. Change are also members.

Anyway it kicked off at the heart and sole organic cafe in Cronulla at 6pm (which meant leaving work at 4.30pm a bit of a pain but it’s Friday afternoon, so not a big drama). This is a great place I have been meaning to try for a long time so that sealed the deal for me. The food was great and will probably take the family there. It was $30 for meal and film. There was a good mix of people too so the chatter was interesting.

Then we walked around the corner for the film “I Am” in the yoga studio. cool deck chairs and cushions/blankets (it is winter!) The basic premise of the film was that this rich guy in Hollywood films, had a bike accident an re-evaluated his life and questioned things:

What’s wrong with our world? and what can we do about it? With a film crew of four, Tom Shadyac visits some of today s great minds, including authors, poets, teachers, religious leaders, and scientists (Howard Zinn, Lynn McTaggart, Desmond Tutu, Thom Harmann, Coleman Barks) searching for the fundamental endemic problem that causes all of the other problems, while simultaneously reflecting on this own life choices of excess, greed and eventually… healing.

If you are looking for proof that the ONLY way to survive in this planet is by killing each other, stepping over people and ignoring social issues and calling those who don’t crazy, then no, this movie is not for you. If you have an open heart and know deep in your core that there is evidence all around that what we are doing is NOT working, that we are ALL suffering, then this movie might be of interest to you… This movie is about the basics, about how we can all tap into our most effortless human instincts and feelings of love, compassion, co-operation etc, and how those are more powerful than you even realize.

We as a society DESPERATELY need more films, books and art of all kinds out there with these kind of messages, this film is chock-full of great thoughts, wisdom and facts and is a rare find.

After the film they served chai and vegan deserts,so we chatted quickly and then left. I got home about 10.20pm.

Great film in cronulla


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