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13-Jun-2013 Geeks and Unions

Thursday 13 June 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I found a text file on my pc called “geeks and unions.txt” and I was going to add it to my “jottings and other unordered notes” page. But I see I had already added it. I have no idea where it came from but probably on Slashdot.

The last thing we need is a union. Unions homogenize the workforce. You get x dollars per hour, no matter how good/terrible you are. What we need is performance-based pay, and no sane union would ask for that. Unions are the antithesis of geek demands. Unions demand uniformity in workplace conditions. Geeks demand flexibility. Unions demand standard pay scales. We like to see 15% pay increases. Unions cater to the average worker. Geeks despise mediocrity.

I loved that quote, and still do. I think the only time I was in a union was when I was a student at Uni, and it was mandatory (!) An interesting story in that the government at the time (Thatcher) tried to make the compulsory joining of unions illegal and subsequent forcing people to pay union fees eg the situation we were in at Uni. The Sudent Union officers whose fees are paid by my fees, realised this so organised a demo which myself and my housemates went to. I can’t remember where it was – but somewhere in Southampton in Southern England. It was my first demonstration I went to, but we cleared off when the cops arrived. Can’t remember what happened to the rule/law etc.

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