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5-May-2013 Weekend, mainly sport

Sunday 5 May 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Friday evening I left work at 5pm and caught the train to Newtown to do a handstand class:

It was a good class, 40 odd people. Beforehand I could do a headstand against a wall (with only 1 attempt so didn’t look like a total twat), but handstands were something I have never been able to do. After the class I can definitely do a handstand against a wall but need a bit more practise doing it away from a wall. not too bad for an old geezer.

Saturday was kids soccer in the morning then I took Ko to Miranda to buy a birthday present then took her to a party/sleepover in Maianbar. I was going running but went for a swim in the sun whilst it was still daylight. I finally went running at gone 5pm, along Lady Carrington drive, 20-odd km. Most of it in the dark with a torch. I felt I went quite quick and was stuffed at the finish.

Sunday morning – pick up Ko then go to Caringbah to watch Jaz’ soccer. Then went for a swim. Then went running. I wanted to go further but took a shorter route and was out for 2hrs.

Made a Japanese miso soup for us all for Sunday dinner. Very tired!

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