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2-May-2013 I don’t have a tattoo

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I don’t have a tattoo – just never saw the need, and I think the current mania for having a tattoo is a bit dumb. haircuts are ok as they grow out.

As always, someone else said it a lot better than I ever could:

Some people say that their tattoos serve as reminders of the most important people and moments in their lives. You know what happens with the most memorable things in my life? I remember them.

At university I heard a theory that people have tattooed on themselves the qualities that they yearn to possess. The wimp gets a tiger, the violent partner a love heart with his wife’s name, the alcoholic a picture of
Jesus. Instead of drawing a picture on yourself of what you want to be, why not just commit to being it?

However I do have both my ears pierced. I started with one ear maybe 15 years ago then I was talking to my daughters (who were having ears pierced at the time) and thought I should get the other one done also as most blokes don’t have both pierced, although it doesn’t mean anything one way or the other.

Now I am older (and wiser?) I don’t need to show, prove or anything to or for anyone. Ummm maybe I should remove them – I don’t have any other jewelry other than my wedding ring and I can’t take that off, you’d have to cut off my finger !

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  1. dominic boidin
    Saturday 11 May 2013 at 09:00

    The quote i like is “I wear my tattoo’s on the inside” no tat for me either.

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