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29-Apr-2013 First day back at work for 5 weeks

Monday 29 April 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Obviously I was dreading getting up and going to work. Having time off travelling is great – no matter where you go. Having time at home with the family is great even if you don’t do a lot. Going to work – Nein Danke.

I was sore after the weekend’s running so it felt like old times.

I hadn’t logged into vmail or email since I’d left 5 weeks ago so much of the day was spent doing that and repeating my updates of how my trip went so the day passed pretty good.

My only thoughts about work are:

  • Need to ensure I get plenty of time off
  • It’s important to cut to the chase, make firm decisions quickly, be efficient and move on
  • I want to make time to go to the gym with Dawn

At home in the evening I went for a run and bumped into Adriana and family (Ashtanga yoga teacher).

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