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27-Apr-2013 Beautiful Bundeena

Saturday 27 April 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have often said it myself – I live in “Beautiful Bundeena” so it’s good when I read that someone else has said it out loud – here is an extract of the full post – he took some good photos too:

I have done absolutely no research, but I feel like I vaguely remember someone telling me that Bundeena used to full of hippies and artists who wanted to get out of the ratrace in Sydney. Judging from the statue called “Spring” that meets you when you come off the ferry, I believe it. Nowadays though, it looks like the area is full of very very rich people judging from some of the houses. And, really, in a location like this, the rich folks were bound to find it eventually.

It remains, however, a really lovely place. The beach is beautiful and full of prams.There were heaps of people fishing everywhere. The cafes are really charming and lovely. (I know, overkill on the word ‘lovely’ but really, it was so lovely.) It’s hard to believe you’re, kind of, still in Sydney.

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