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25-Apr-2013 Anzac Day

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Today is Anzac Day so it’s a public holiday. Maybe as I wasn’t brought up in Australia, but I am not into Anzac Day. Maybe I am just not into “war stuff”. I am kind of ok that in this modern age people have to look after the security of the world and to push back on aggressive countries but I don’t really see why Australia was fighting in Turkey in 1917 other than to support the Poms.

Anyway if it’s a day off, I’ll take it.

I met with Mikey from work at Garie Beach at 6.30am for a 26km run (measurement courtesy of his doo-dad), time was approx 4hrs or a touch less. A glorious day for running, although he struggled the last few km with shoes rubbing his ankle and I felt like vomiting sick, but luckily wasn’t. Had a great cool down dip in the sea which was rough-as as always. There were lots of others out training for trailwalker or, like us, the North Face 100km which is scarily soon (18 May).

In the afternoon I read the paper and dozed on the back deck. Wonderful in the sun!

Later on I picked up Chelsea from Kurnell as she was going to the footy (Dragons v Roosters). The in the evening we took to soccer training at Wooloware.

At home, we put the gas fire on for the first time this winter (actually its not winter until 1st June) – it was 12C outside and not a lot more inside. The fire pushed it up to 19C which felt comfortable.


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