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15-Apr-2013 Mumbai to Sydney & Home

Monday 15 April 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I didn’t have many Rupees left and so only had a quick look through the shops (although I could go to the ATM if required – but I guess I don’t like shopping much and airports are usually over-priced factory-produced stuff). I did feel a bit hungry and so bought a masala dosa – a last gasp return of my appetite.

As the flight was gone midnight, the leg to Singapore was totally in the dark and I slept for most of it.

I had about an hour in Singapore’s Changi airport which seemed heaps better than when I came through before. Maybe it was a different section. I bought a fresh juice and looked thru the shops but didn’t buy anything.

On the flight to Sydney I listened to music and watched films.

I hadn’t checked in any bags as just had my rucksack. So I got a quick getaway and hopped on the train. My Indian Vodaphone Sim was still working (I left my Australian one at home, so couldn’t use it) I txted Dawn and she met me in the rain with Jazmin at Sutherland. It was great to see them again and great to be back.

I had a great time away but it’s always good too come home!

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