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12-Apr-2013 Last Day in Dhaka

Friday 12 April 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Today, Friday, is my last day in Dhaka as I am catching the bus at 7.30am Saturday morning. I got up late, sorted some washing and eventually walked to the coffee shop. I txted Al as I wanted to get my deposit back from the cancelled Rive Dolphin tour. He sais he’d meet me at my flat in 30mins so I walked back there. Then afterwards I just went off for a walk in a massive circle and ended up at Gulshan-2 and had a look in a few shops there. I found a small-ish decent-looking Bangla eatery. I just had a puri:

Bengali puri & chutney #dhaka #bangladesh by #kevintiller

I then got a txt from the US embassy about some more upcoming demonstrations:

Txt from US Embassy in #dhaka #bangladesh by #kevintiller

It sounds easy to ignore all the hartals but not really in practise. No buses run, no offices open, no schools open, most shops closed and a very palpable fear that the place is about to go off any minute. Lots of edgy guards with guns.

I then went back to the flat for a shower and pack my bag, making sure I hadn’t left stuff around, and just did some reading etc. Bed early.

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