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10-Apr-2013 Another down day in Dhaka

Wednesday 10 April 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I took it pretty easy today. Got up approx 0830am.  Breakfast was beans on toast. Walked in the hot to the coffee shop.  Past big hole in road:

Hole & open sewer in #dhaka street #bangladesh by #kevintiller

Then went to Gulshan-2 and Gulshan-1 just to have a look around. Not much happening.

Found out Friday’s trip to the schools has been cancelled due to the troubles. I got sn email from Chris so had to contact everyone. It’s getting a bit tiresome that everything keeps getting cancelled. See article in newspaper about torchings in Dhaka !

At 5pm I had an oil massage, the guy was recommended by Lauren (I didn’t catch his name) . It was pretty good and only just over $10. But it was funny as he asked me for the sheet and the oil! However after the running and carrying my rucksack I could do with the relaxation.

In the evening I went to Al’s flat with the Canadians to see Zero Dark Thirty on his fancy setup. Very good.

Walking back home it turns out we live next door but one to the Afghanistan Embassy. The front gate of our block was locked and the guard was not around so I hopped the fence, hoping no one would shoot! Bed at midnight.

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