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8-Apr-2013 Out & About in Dhaka

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Today was a hartal day meaning most things are stopped, closed and all messed up. This is now becoming a routine.

We met the Canadians (Lauren, Tina & Everett) at the coffee shop. It’s kind cool that there is no street frontage and has a “you have to know where it is vibe”. Then we headed off to the international school where Chris and Lauren teach. It is a bloody great school. Very impressive.  I guess it should be as the local students pay $20k a year. You would imagine they would go on to become the country’s elite.

From there we walked to the Solmaid Community School. This was in a slum area just a few minutes walk around the corner. It was hot! This school recived half of the money Marc & Chris raised last year (I donated money to here). The school opened at the end of January this year.

There were 3 classes in full flight and they have a morning session from 8-11am and an afternoon session from 12-3pm. They were expecting us.

After this we went back and then out to the American Club pool for a few hours.

In the evening,  I got picked up by Al (also Canadian)  and we went byhis electrified rickshaw to a Korean Restaurant.  It was pretty good although quite spicy. I wasn’t the only vego. Then we kicked on to the English club, the Bagia, as the Canadians planned to meet an english teacher Martin. He was a pretty good bloke. Of course the music on the jukebox was totally stellar, lots of The Clash, Jam, The Stones, Human League, Eddy Grant – I swear I knew all the words to all the songs. When everyone at the bar started singing to “Going Underground” I just felt like joining in. I got the 7″ the day that came out!

I got home about midnight.





On hearing the news about Margaret Thatcher dying at the english place, all I could think of was this Thatchera-era song which summed up so much of those times and stirred up so many memories:

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