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2-Apr-2013 D-Day minus one

Wednesday 3 April 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Tomorrow I start my crazy, possibly stupid solo run 290km to Bangladesh.  It will be good to finally get it underway. Actually it will benefit the youth of Bangladesh a little so it’s not totally stupid. However right now I am a bit overwhelmed at the enormity of it. However as they say “a journey of a thousand miles starys with a single step”. I am just glad it’s not a thousand miles !!

I knew I would take it easy today.  Up fairly late, gone 8am, breakfast of banana porridge sitting outside in the courtyard of the spanish cafe. Then sort out some of my stuff.

I went for a walk and ended up in Flury’s an old art deco period and fancy cafe for a lemon iced tea or 2 then back to my room for a siesta.

There is an interesting article here
that sort of describes what the day has been like:

the art of the flaneur is a specific take on observation: Wikipedia says the word means something along the lines of “to stroll” or “saunter” or “loaf,” which alludes to that principle at the core of flanerie, which is to do nothing; to have no objective, no destination, no prerogative or goal in mind, except to observe in any way you might like the surroundings you encounter……

Now, im not so idealistic as to suggest that all of you with your busy lives and money-trails should suddenly stop these activities and squat on city corners for hours each day. In my luxurious moment, I am able to begin and end the day without having accomplished a single goal, except to have observed, and that is a truly precious privilege. However, I also have lived the busy life

I skyped with Dawn about 6pm and we had a power cut so she couldn’t see me as it was dark my end, but I was on my mobile phone so didn’t really affect me.

I am definitely nervous about the run tomorrow and figure the earlier I start and get out of Kolkata before the heat & traffic starts, the better. The further I get tomorrow means less the next day (and the border shuts at 6.30pm so can’t be too late).

My pack weighs about 20kg or a bit less so is HEAVY and I haven’t tried to run with it fully loaded. But it’s a good pack with comfy straps.

Went out just round the corner for an early dinner as I need to go to bed early for an early start. I had Chinese-style noodles as I thought that might be more filling than indian. 

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