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19-Mar-2013 Bangladesh updates

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It looks like all the logistics are falling into place now:

Just an update for you in terms of the school and our plan.  We begin construction as agreed upon by SAFE April 1st.  We have negotiated a contract where they will finish in 61 days.  By the time you get to visit they will have either finished or close to finishing the the foundation and they will be prepping other aspects of the build.

Your visit to Sonargoan will include three site visits.  1. Cobbler Village (site of school construction), 2. River Gypsies 3.  Maya Dip (on an island, sandbar).

SAFE Bangladesh (Simple Action for the Environment Bangladesh) (website) are effectively a low cost building group using locally available materials & technologies that are building the schools.

Marc & Chris, the Australians who I came across who did the Bangla-Dash run last year are not yet a proper charity or organisation, but they have been taken under the wing of the Solmaid Community School who are doing what they want to do (build Community Schools). The money they raise (and I am raising) is funneled through them to Solmaid and then onto SAFE.

Sonargoan, where the schools are, is just outside Dhaka the Capital of Bangladesh:

For the run itself, it’s also looking good:

Here is the update from my end.  I have booked the bus to leave on the morning of the 5th so that would mean you should leave Kolkata on the 4th if you are taking two days.  It is not possible to leave any earlier than that.  Now, the school has agreed to loan us the bus, but they are worried about the Hartals (violent protests) around the country and if there are protests then that would impact thing.  We have been having hartals about once a week.  So, this complicates things.  We have assembled a good support team, (Mofiz the driver, Allen from Canada, photographer, Eric from France logistics and support and finally myself).

Bangladesh is still in the news a lot:

15 Mar : Double trouble brewing at border with Bangladesh

20 Mar : 1 killed during violent Bangladesh strike

I have been trying to read accounts of other people travelling thru Bangladesh, there are not that many it seems, here is one I read from 2010. Interesting ! http://www.roadjunky.com/article/1596/come-to-bangladesh

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