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2-Mar-2013 Bangla-Dash Elevation

Saturday 2 March 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had a comment on a recent facebook post from my mate Brian Colwell, a massive ultrarunner back 20yrs ago.

He said “I’m guessing you’ve been doing some fairly heavy duty training recently?!” (facebook link) and I have been doing a lot more training, but most people who know me, would realise that’s from quite a low base. I am doing less than 100km a week. Whether you consider that a lot or now depends on where you are looking at it from.

However most long distance runners would not consider it a lot. But I do have a good background in running (link here) ….

I am hoping that the flat route of the Bangla-Dash will help me. In fact it is INCREDIBLY FLAT.

For the 287km route, it starts at 10m above sea level, the max it gets to is 23m above sealevel and the total climb is 290m over the whole route ie 1m climb for every km run!


  1. Fiona Horn
    Saturday 2 March 2013 at 16:12

    Great cause and sounds like will be a great adventure.Look forward to reading about it….

    Fiona (fhorn on Coolruning)

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