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17-Feb-2013 Sunday

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I was up approx 8am. Didn’t feel great as was still a bit tired from yesterday. Picked up beni & dropped her & kody at nippers at garie beach then I drove & jogged down to burning palms for surf lifesaving patrol – arriving just in time.
It was a perfect day but very quiet on the beach, few if any people. There were a lot of bluebottles. Eventually I tried a swim and it was fine (didn’t get stung).
For lunch I had 2 apples and a small bag of mixed nuts. Quite healthy.
Kody & Beni got dropped at the top of the hill & walked down & went swimming & played with a big blue ball (like an exercise you sit on). Eventually they both got stung by bluebottles. I also got stung on the lip when I went in the big waves.
After the patrol we walked out – always hot work. At hone I had a coffee & read the Sunday paper.
Approx 1830 jaz drove us all to Parramatta / Harris Park – Wigram St if you are interested – for dinner – we went to the Taj Restuarant – actually very authentic. Cheap & cheerful is our style but the food was good.  Very impressed that the kids ate quite a lot of spicy food & enjoyed it. Home then bath & bed.

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