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16-Feb-2013 Saturday – now a routine?

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For someone who struggles to not get caught in routines, Saturday has become a bit routine. I got up late 1030am so waaaay too late to run with the Bushies on their survival run at Maianbar. It’s just so hard to get up early after a long week of getting up as early as possible – still I am not going to beat myself up over it.
Did a few chores then got ready to go out for a long run 2hrs+ decided I would do Lady Carrington Drive out and back – as I haven’t been for a long time – but would try to go faster. The temp was still warm/humid. Most of mmy runs have been without an ipod as I won’t use one in Bangladesh as I need to keep my wits about me as it’s so dangerous. I ran out ok (its about a 10km out and then 10km back again) but on the way back I caught up with a girl and passed her but she then caught me back and stayed with me chatting. Ultimately the pace was too much and I crashed about 3km from the finish.
I got home and went for a swim at the beach, had a coffee then at 5pm jaz drove dawn to work at st Leonard’s. Jaz is on her learner plates and needs 120hrs driving but only has about 50hrs in almost a year (!)
Back home I pottered about a bit and went to bed early-ish as I felt totally stuffed.

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