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6-Feb-2013 Books I read in 2012

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I made a list of almost all the books I read in 2012. I had been keeping track of them all in shelfari which I do really like, but some of the books are not listed there, which is weird as they were bought or do a deal with Amazon and the books are listed at Amazon. I also wanted to link all of them to a page that shows the cover and a review etc (like on Amazon) but there are too many of them and I don’t have time at the moment.

Here is the list – it probably says quite a lot about the type of person I am, and my interests!

  1. waiting for a wide horse sky by elaine kennedy
  2. Gaining a sense of self by karen laura-lee wilson
  3. holy cow by Sarah Macdonald
  4. maharishi by martin ebon
  5. yoga of kirtan by steven rosen
  6. the naked buddha by eric harrison
  7. studying hinduism in practise by hilary rodrigues
  8. once were radicals by irfan yusuf
  9. maximum city Bombay lost & found by suketu mehta
  10. India Calling by anand giridharadas
  11. Such a long journey by rohinton mistri
  12. Eat pray eat by michael booth
  13. The Hungry Years – William Leith
  14. the blue-eyed salaryman by niall murtagh
  15. Complete idiots guide to hinduism by Linda Johnsen
  16. Behind the beautiful forevers By Katherine Boo
  17. singing for freedom by ani choying drolma
  18. a season in red by kirsty needham
  19. the most dangerous man in the world by andrew fowler
  20. spent – memoirs of a shopping addict by avis cardella
  21. observations of a very short man by nigel marsh
  22. the checklist manifesto by atul gawande
  23. gandhi ceo by alan axelrod
  24. skytrain by canyon sam
  25. delivering happines – tony hsieh
  26. becoming indian by pavan k. varma
  27.  the undercover economist by tim harford
  28. Q&A by vikas swarup
  29. delirious delhi by dave prager
  30. shanti bloody shanti by aaron smith
  31. The Boy Who Loved Apples by Amanda Webster
  32. Older by George Michael
  33. china cuckoo by mark kitto
  34. hell bent by benjamin lorr
  35. only half of me by rageh omaar

Obviously I read lots of websites, magazines and other stuff as well, but these were the main books I read and remembered to write in a list.

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