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18-Jan-2013 Work… blergh

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Today started out with me having a headache and just feeling a bit rotten after a late night last night. I struggled into work a little on the late side. It was a hot day with another total fire ban declared and record temps predicted. During the day people discussed the latest high temps – I think Sydney hit 48C. There was a massive very hot wind blowing. Luckily my work pc got fixed in the afternoon so I could continue working. I bought some birthday presents for Chelsea’s 15th tomorrow. By the afternoon most rail lines were cactus so a lot of people left early to try to get home ok. At Town Hall station they were stopping people going onto the very narrow platform as there were too many people, However I got home ok.

I was going to go running then swimming but a massive southerly wind blew up and there were tree branches going all over and it was not safe (also Mum, Dad, Kody didn’t want to be left alone). So I had a quick swim instead then pottered around doing some chores in the evening whilst Dawn was at advanced yoga (I didn’t fancy staying out till 10.30pm tonight as I was so tired).

By the time we wrapped chelsea’s presents and made a card and read, it was approx 0130am!

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