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17-Jan-2013 Fillum after work

Thursday 17 January 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

As per everyday this week,  I was  totally knackered when I got up, so missed a run and worse, even missed a quick dip in the sea, which shows how bad  it is as the weather has been just perfect – hot, sunny & dry. So I just went to work on the later side of 8am, after doing the washing up (priorities!)
After work, I was lucky enough to snag
2 free tickets to the open air cinema by the harbour to see “perks of being a walflower”.
I installed the awesome cityrail app on my phone so could tell dawn which train to catch & then met her – it felt like a real date night!
The setting was great and wad enhanced by the water, trees, opera house, bridge etc – truly excellent.
The film was great too – I love films like that – I think the industry term for it is “ccoming of age” movie. We got home late, gone midnight and I felt wrecked,  even though I’d only had sparkling water & sushi. I did have a hot bath before bed as that did make me feel better.

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