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16-Dec-2012 Weekend update

Sunday 16 December 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Saturday by the time I got up (late – gone 9am) and did a heap of chores, it was approx 12 noon by the time I went for a run. 2hrs. to the burnt steps at the top of little marley beach and back. with a swim at Hordern’s beach. Was very tired & dehydrated, just like the old days !! Had a relaxing afternoon and went for a surf ski a bit later on (approx 5pm). I am getting much better and went around the buoy at the north end of Jibbon Beach. There was a biggish swell running so that was a new challenge !

In the evening I had put myself down as a parent volunteer at the primary scgool movie under the stars night – the Christmas Grinch movie. Its good to do the right thing sometimes.

Sunday I was on Surf Life Saving patrol at Burning Palms (10am-4pm). It was a hot & sunny day and I caught the sun. Went out on the boards a few times, and did a run-swim-run to keep a guy company AND was a rescue dummy for his proficiency. No real rescues though. I was well sweating by the time I got back to the car after the climb out. Lucky Jaz and Ko were going swimming just as I got home so that cooled me down.

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