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9-Dec-2012 Weekend update

Sunday 9 December 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Saturday I got up late, did some chores then swam at the beach. I had to go to Surflifesaving from noon till 3pm and dashed off approx 11.15am. At the beach I was delegated to ride the IRB to Garie to drop off some nipper equipment for Sunday – this was a rare thrill for me, and the sea was fairly rough although safe.. Whilst we were there the Westpac helicopter came past and circled back then flew low and hovered over the sea. There was talk of a body in the water. We drove back towards Burning Palms and saw the body of a dead whale – we knew it was dead as it really stank. Soon after the other beaches at Era and Garie were closed due to large numbers of sharks but thankfully it was all clear at ours. The  marine rescue boat towed the shark out to deeper waters. The day was pretty good, and I went out on a rescue board for the first time in months it seemed. I did ok by my own lowly standard.

In the evening we went to see the Twilight – Breaking Dawn film. That was mainly for Dawn as I don’t like that type of film. It was ok, just not my scene. The kids said it was “true love” to see a film you don’t want to see just to be with your loved one. yep.

Sunday Kody did nippers, but got a lift from Vitoria, so I did some chores, read the paper and went for a swim. In the afternoon I went running in Maianbar where I met Dawn doing her run, so we finished off together at a decent pace, much faster than I would have by myself. Then I went for a kayak on the surf ski.

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