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27-Nov-2012 Foodbank NSW Community Day

Tuesday 27 November 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

As I work for a large organisation (Westpac) and they are keen to put back into the community, they allow everyone to take a day off per year to work for the community in some capacity. In the past I have used this day as part of the work I put into organising the Six Foot Track Marathon that raises funds for the Rural Fire Service.

This year a bunch of people in the office, including Telstra who we work with a lot decided to go to Foodbank NSW in the Western Suburbs.

They basically take deliveries of donated food from Supermarkets and the like, to their warehouse, then take orders from community organisations, church missions, welfare groups and the like, and organise drivers to come pick it up.

Our role on the day was to pack the orders as though we had a shopping and were going round a supermarket, although on a much larger scale. It was cool to learn about what was involved and obviously its a great organisation, but hard work also especially as it was quite warm.

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