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22-Oct-2012 Monday

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After the weekend’s exciting activities, it was back to the daily grind of work, even worse of course on a monday.

I missed my swim this morning as I was very tired and wanted to get to work early. Actually I am normally a late-starter 0930-1000am but I got there just before 0930 today, so most people wouldn’t call it early.

Today was broken up as I had a bunch of meetings in a different building in the cbd – you could call it good planning but really it was pure dumb luck (and saved wasting too much time walking to and fro).

I had 15mins for lunch and got some sushi from the downstairs food court – 2x tofu satay and 1x avocado.

I had to leave approx 5pm as I was doing a silver medallion life saving course at Wanda tonight at 6.30 and it takes the best part of 90mins door to door with some buffer for travel issues.

I made it with about 5mins to spare. The course is all book learning & discussion ie no water – with people from bondi & cronulla. It’s mean to be a 2 day course mon/tues but is now mon/weds. Home at 10pm.

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